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Pan Dulce Steel Orchestra - "Ah Fus Yuh Sweet - the music of Ray Holman"

"Ah Fus Yuh Sweet - the music of Ray Holman", a vibrant collection of music for Steel Drum Orchestra featuring the artistry of Trinidad and Tobago's legendary composer and arranger Ray Holman, released December 2010 and available now from CDBaby. Also available at all Pan Dulce performances. For more information, please contact



Panyard Vibrations

Pan Dulce Steel Orchestra cd "Panyard Vibrations"

Our first cd, "Panyard Vibrations", was released in June 2005. It was recorded live in our panyard, and offers musical selections by some of pan's finest composers.

Pick up a copy at one of our performances, or buy online: available from CDBaby or the iTunes Music Store.

Track list:

Steel City Jam, composed by Tom Miller
On De' Loose, composed by Ray Holman
Do What Yuh Want, composed by Len "Boogsie" Sharpe
I Know What You're Thinking, composed by Paul G. Ross
One Super Power, composed by Dennis "Merchant" Williams
Zig Zag, composed by Andy Narell
Pan Woman, composed by Ray Holman

Review of Panyard Vibrations by by Maia Cheli-Colando in the Arcata Eye, June 28, 2005

...Having now played the new CD nearly 20 rounds in the last week, I am pleased to report that the recording is indeed very well done. Recorded live over two nights, Panyard Vibrations is not only a vibrant album; it proves that it is still possible to explore dynamic range and subtlety in a digital format.

...Part of what intrigues me about the steel drum band is their ability to move deftly between pianissimo and fortissimo, simultaneously playful and precise. It is as if they are storytellers, carefully laying each step of the plot before the giant explodes through the door.

...There is something about pan music that reassures me that the world is still good and full of delight, perhaps that is why "Do What Yuh Want" is my favorite piece on this recording: it resonates in my bones with a call to release, to celebrate. I find it awfully hard, even after 20 repeats, not to get up and dance.